Etching, aquatint and mezzotint


'Ebb and Flow: North, East, South and West' is one of Art Werger's newest works. This four panel aquatint etching totals 2 ft x 12 ft; each panel is 24" X 36". The works captures beach erosion at Montauk, NY. See the four panels side by side.

Art Werger in the News

Werger's six-panel Tidal Shift recently caught the attention of regional newspapers in East Hampton, NY and Athens, Ohio, where Werger spends much of his time.

Describing how he created the six-panel aquatint etching Tidal Shift, Werger tells Jennifer Landes that he takes panoramic photographs of his subject, revises the composition in Photoshop and draws directly on copper etching plates.

He works the plate to get the landscape, figures and details, creating tonal areas that look like watercolor. He applies rosin to the plate and heats it to form a bond. He alternately draws on the plate and submerges it in acid, creating a range of tones from light to dark. Once the coating is removed, the plate is inked and printed. After revisions, Werger produces a limited-edition of hand-pulled prints.